Strategy23: Technology & Dedication

Strategy23 points out Erasmus MC’s strategic ambitions for the forthcoming years. Technology & Dedication are the two guiding principles underlying Strategy23 and are at the core of our goals. The word ‘dedication’ describes the way in which our staff perform their work, with time and consideration for their patients and each other, passion for scientific research and concern for the interests of their students. They do this against a backdrop of rapid changes in technology. Our strategic ambitions embrace both these aspects: people and technology, healthcare and innovation, and teamwork and impact

Our mission statement: ‘We are committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching.’

Our ambition: ‘To be recognised as a leading innovator in healthcare.’

Our three core values: ‘Responsible, connecting and enterprising.’

Our new strategy, known as Strategy23, is underpinned by three pillars:

1. the ambitions set out in Strategy18;

2. the main external trends and

3. our own internal priorities.

Strategy18 → Strategy23

The adoption of Strategy23 signals the end of the Strategy18 period. Having achieved a number of the goals set out in Strategy18, it is now time to take the following step. This applies in particular to our ambition to:

· provide value-based and personal patient care;

· position ourselves as a tertiary care centre and a leading scientific institute, with close ties with the outside world;

· build a working environment that gets the best out of people – this remains relevant.

External trends

Four trends in the world around us will affect our work in the years ahead:

1. changes in society and in people’s views on health and disease;

2. digital disruption: new technologies creating seismic changes;

3. changes in the viability of and access to the healthcare system;

4. an international focus on sustainability.

Internal priorities: getting things just right

We need to have a strong internal organisation if we are to remain at the forefront and keep in step withthese external trends. This applies first and foremost to our principal assets: our staff. We must be able to attract and retain staff and allow them to adapt in the face of change. The key elements here are appreciation, diversity and user-friendly, non-bureaucratic procedures.

More information? Read the Strategy23 document or sent an e-mail with your question.